Most real estate markets across the United States experience a "spring market rush" every year. There is no doubt that the "spring market" is a great time to be selling and buying real estate. There are many questions homeowners ask themselves during the selling process.

"How much will my home sell for?"  

"How much should I list my home for?"  

"Who should I select as a real estate agent to sell my home?" 

"What if the real estate agent overprices my home?"  

Follow these tips below to prepare your home for sale.

1. Be realtistic about the market. Find out what's selling, and the average number of days on the market for homes that are selling.  Accept the reality of your local market and make sure you price your home realistically. The worst thing you can do is overprice your home.

2.  Get your home into selling shape. Cleaning your home and cleaning out your home is a must. And, I'm talking REALLY clean, like your mother-in-law is coming to spend a week with you clean! Fix things that don't work, touch up paint around the home, and clean or replace carpets. Update your landscaping, paint and clean your home's exterior. Clean out the clutter in your home. Get rid of items in the closets, storage areas, basements and attics that you no longer need or use. An uncluttered home will sell faster than a home stuffed with personal belongings.

3. Invite at least three agents to create a Comparative Marketing Analysis (CMA). A CMA should include local housing data with comparable property sales data highlighted, a marketing plan, and a suggested list price. Each agent will bring different ideas on how to value your home and how to market it.

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